An Interview

This poem previously in “A New Song” which was a delightful but short-lived Christian poetry magazine in the early 2000’s.

In the fading light of years,
it is hard to own, hold on to
or recognize all the stored up
memories of a life, of His life.

I sewed tightly the seams
of my heart, bulging heavy
with grief that long afternoon,
and the tomb,
where I wept.

No longer mine, I watched him rise;
no words just for me, no good-bye—
only the ghost of his living presence.

Words, details: please
be gently with me
as you tug at the knots
binding my heart together.
I want only the truth to come out.
Not how I thought and felt;
not my re-interpretations
or yours.

Here, sit down with me John, Luke,
Matthew, Mark, all the scribes who
desisre to write His story—

These will be the unadorned,
not embellished facts.
Write it down plain, in simple terms
that all might understand—
He was born, a man,
a human infant
crying and wet in the cold…

c.Darlene Moore Berg



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2 responses to “An Interview

  1. New insights for me…thank you. Wonderful poem! Perfect title.

    P.S. I remember “A New Song.”

    The “paper journals” and blogs each have their good place, and support one another.

  2. There is something special about a well-edited poetry journal. I am grateful for the ones who persist and keep up the good work.

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