A collection of three short poems. The first published previously in a “Time of Singing”


Grace finds me
under the couch,
coaxes me into her light,
feeds me delicacies from her hand.
Gently she pets my stiff upright fur
until I am calm and
attentive in her presence.
Ready now to listen
to the Father’s command.


Grace curls her finger
caresses my cheek
lifts my chin up
points my gaze
in the direction
of Christ.
I am forgiven.
Her kiss on my brow
as she breezes
through my life
reminds me
I am beloved
of God.

“if grace had not laid hold upon thee…”
C. Spurgeion

If she, Grace, had not
come up behind me,
(craven creature that I am)
creeping blindly away,
in no set direction,
grabbed me by the scruff of the neck
and given me a good hard shake
like the lioness mother she is
and dumped me face first
kneeling on all fours
before the King of the Pride,
the Lion of Judah, the scion of Jesses,
Son of the Lord Most High
where would I

c. Darlene Moore Berg


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