“Boxing” Day

I pack away grandmother’s nativity set
laying wise kings asleep with the sheep
and their shepherds

the lambs cozy up to the Lamb of God
on a bed of cotton wool

Mary and Joseph kneel between the
upraised wings of an angelic Herald,
One arm lifted high in praise to God

the donkey brays in silence
companion to the one-eared ox,
and a lone lame camel leans
against the corrugated stable wall.

A few ducks, chickens peck their way
into the corners of the cardboard box
and the manger feeds the campfire
complete with a levered cooking pot

I close the lid, meditate on the years
this scene has hid in memories,
one hand, now another keeping faith.
The story by grace unfolds
from one generation
into the hearts of the next.

c. Darlene Moore Berg



Filed under Life, Religious

3 responses to ““Boxing” Day

  1. Brian

    Evocative. Well done.

  2. Thanks. This is the actual nativity set that inspired the poem.

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