Fairy Tales

These are a pair of older poems on the lighter side. I’ve had mostly some heavier, deeper poems posted. These are just for fun.

Fairy Tales: Take One

The Princess kissed a frog:
married her Prince in disguise.
Uneasy, she fidgets
in the presence of flies.
Avoids pond, rivers.
Distrusts “happily ever after”
endings: the lies of the storytellers.
Constantly on guard, yet
she cherishes the water lilies
painted in her room:
the pink blush on white blooms.

Fairy Tales: Take Two

Rapunzel’s fashion statement:
ringlets of curls barely brushing
the nape of her neck.
She tosses her head lightly
in freedom’s flight.
Blow breezes across her back,
whip courage into her heart,
help her to face a foreign shore,
climb from poverty
to the steps of a castle,
enter the door.

c. Darlene Moore Berg.


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