Two Poems

Both of these poems appeared in a little Christian literary journal entitled “Broken Streets” in the mid 1990’s.

The Magnoila Leaf

Rimed with frost,
I trace the outline of a leaf.
It endures the cold.
Its edges do not curl.
It does not fall off the tree
or turn colors in the diminishing light.

Evergreen in faith
my heart longs to be.
Not changing colors in variable weather.
Lifting my face to heaven
for the sustenance of life.
Believing in the spring through
the cold of a bitter winter.

A Banquet of Joy

When we pass the bread, the cup
in remembrance of Him,
I note an empty place in front of me,
one beside me.
Those I no longer share
the Lord’s supper with—
Waiting with Him.

There will come a day
we’ll share, celebrate again
together in the Kingdom
a banquet of Joy.
I taste the bread in my hand,
I hold the cup in worship,
drink the wine of memory.
I look forward to that time…

c. Darlene Moore Berg


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