Walk as He Did

This poem was a merit poem in The Utmost Christian Writers Poetry contest a few years back. It was published in the very short-lived Christian literary journal “Three.One.Six”.

“Walk as He Did”
1st John 2:6

Toes splayed,
feet at a 45 degree angle from one another
or maybe toes overlap
— a strut— a stagger,
tripping over rocky terrain.

I’m not sure what it means.
— walk as Jesus walked—
arms pumping uphill,
free, easy stride,
a march, one foot planted
firmly right in front of left.

Calluses and corns,
welts from rubbing sandal straps,
chin level, eyes straight ahead
on the visible horizon,
eyes dancing— noting every detail
— like the well-worn path to hell.

Come and bide a spell,
amble with the Master,
hike into unlikely territory,
pause to hear a blind plaint,
touch a withered extremity,
raise a widow’s dead.
Have nowhere to lay your head.

A pedestrian philosophy,
placing feet into his footsteps,
matching His pace— his heel-strike.
His windy, love-knotted path.
Somehow, some-when
as you follow His course
you’ll come before Him face to face.
His path crossing right in front—
of you.

c. Darlene Moore Berg


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One response to “Walk as He Did

  1. This is truly beautiful, Darlene.

    “His windy, love-knotted path./Somehow, some-when/as you follow His course…”

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