Battle Fatigue

A version of this poem appeared in “A Time of Singing” in the later 90’s.
This is for all the weary warriors in the spiritual battlefields of life.

Battle Fatigue

Lord, I am tired—
battle weary.
My ears ring
inside my helmet.
My arms tremble
as I try to lift up my shield;
it drops and I prop it beside me.
I place the sword
I can no longer wield
between my knees
point out-thrust.
I incline my back
against the security
of a granite boulder.
My armor is pitted,
dented, rust-spotted .
I am older in the fight.
Just let me rest here
but a minute, Lord,
be the Rock I lean against.
Protect me,
as the battle surges on
around me, passes beyond
for this moment.
The clash a distant din.
Refresh me, sustain me:
I chew the way bread fed,
handed to all your soldiers…
take a swig from a canteen,
filled with the Living water
that is You.

c.Darlene Moore Berg


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