“All Aboard”

Remembering Alayne

Today I am remembering my mother. It was 4 years ago today that she “went home”. I started writing this poem just after my mother’s passing. This poem was published in summer 07 in “Time of Singing”. This is also my nephew’s birthday and we are leaving shortly to attend my cousin’s daughter’s wedding. I am sure she does not know that one of her cousin’s birthday’s is today. A day for family thoughts, memories, browsing through photos.

All Aboard
for Alayne J. Moore

Randy Travis is singing my mom
home to heaven, the words of each song
accented with his country western twang.
The Glory train is on its way
to pick up another scheduled passenger.
Hear its whistle on the far horizon
she’ll get on with whatever
luggage she’s had packed.

The Savior she’s avoided for years
will meet her there—
the lyrics of the music playing softly
guide her to the ticket booth.
Christ already paid her way.

I sit with her in the station’s waiting room.
Soon the locomotive will pull up
with clouds of steam
and in the brilliance of its headlight
they’ll be gone.

The mist is my own tears blurring
all worldly sight.
I do not see her leave or wave back to me.
Only the whisper of her spirit “I’m Free!”
The flutter of her final heartbeats:
angel wings gathering, conducting her
to her reserved for eternity seat.

c.2006 Darlene Moore Berg



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4 responses to ““All Aboard”

  1. allson

    still just a beautiful as the first time i read it

  2. What a good poem for your mother, Alayne.
    Beautiful photo–how I love their generation! The pearls and their names. My mother’s name was/is Enola.

    They went through so much–came of age during war and died during war. My mother had the news on around the clock, even when ill.

    It is a different world without their earthly presence.

    At my mom’s service, one of my cousins said to me, “When both parents are gone, the torch has been passed.”

  3. How moving a poem this is! My mom died in 2006 as well, so in a way I’ve been there. (In fact, the train image came to me too.) Thanks for sharing this tender moment with us.

  4. Lori Y

    We can never underestimate the power of music to bring people to Christ and to comfort us. Isn’t God good! He gave you this song as your mother passed. My lvoe to you.

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