A Rose

This poem appeared as a second place winner in Time of Singings summer contest 1996 “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?” It is a poem describing a real woman named Rose who was known and “adopted”by a friend of mine. It is also a reminder to care for those around us.

A Rose

Take home a Rose
a thorny briar rose,
fragrant from infrequent bathing;
leaves, twigs caught in grey locks.

A lonely rose—
her petals straggle to lift up feet
weary from walking;
wilting in the heat of the sun;
frostbitten in the winter winds.

A pale rose–
translucent veins spider
across thin skin
wrinkled with the breath of age.

Pluck gently this Rose—
transport her with care.
Replenish her with hot tea and biscuits.
Tuck her in for a long winter nap.
Sing her a song of love.

c.Darlene Moore Berg



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2 responses to “A Rose

  1. Hi Darlene, I remember this poem and so good to read it again here.

    When it was first published in TOS, my mother was growing older and we all began learning a new time, which I cherish in my memory.

    I remember reading your work at Mom’s home and mine, during these years, and drawing strength.

    Thanks again!

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever read this one. It is so full of tenderness and compassion. Lovely!

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