“Wife Of”

This poem first published in 1997 in “Poetic Page”. Part of a series of poems about women in the Bible.

“Wife Of ”

Her name is not given.
Only “wife of ”
Imagine: to be the wife of Noah,
to live in ignominy half your life
laughed at, spat on—
wife of the “crazy one”
who builds a huge boat on a hill
in a land that knows little of water
and nothing of floods.

The sons are mentioned by name,
but not their wives.
Eight people to survive a flood,
four unknown women:
courage to stick by their men,
work to supply the ark,
feed the animals,
be tossed about seasick
almost half a year
and after the flood of vindication
came and went—
no one left to gloat over,
no one left to know your name.
Work left to re-populate the earth,
another labor unrewarded
by the printed words of men.

c. Darlene Moore Berg

see Genesis Chapters 6-9 in the Bible for the whole story.


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  1. Lori Y

    Your ponderings show a truth that is often forgotten, that behind all strong individuals are others who “put up with a lot.” I’ve realized this being a pastor’s wife also. There is a special grace from God to be wife of one of God’s servants. I think of all the wives of men who are imprisoned even now for the faith.

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