Dancing for Joy, A Jubilation

Painting by Suzi Dennis of paintedpapers.com used by permission

Open Your Bibles to II Samuel Chapter 6.
Dancing for God

A wild ballet
David whirls, a king
before the King of Kings.
In un-choreographed joy,
he leaps, pirouettes
spontaneous body jazz,
I spin, dance dizzily
with him in spirit

Harps, drums, lutes, flutes,
trumpets, tongues
sing, shout, chant praise
to the beat of praying,
prancing feet—
my heart beats a rhythm of song
trips along…

A parade of holy glee
winds up Judean hills
hands clapping,
castanets snapping.
My hands fling up, wave
magnify God, toes tapping
within my wooden pew.

Alleluia, Hallelujah!

Present In His Holiness
God Almighty raises
Voice in Holy Word…
Without an iota of shame,
acclaim, praise His Name
with total abandonment of self.
Davey-man dances the Way.

c.Darlene Moore Berg


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