Discovering the Power of Poetry

This poem first appeared online about 2003 in what was then Poetic Voices. I am not sure what or where that particular venue is now located.

Discovering the Power of Poetry

I bathe in a sudden shower
of words,
dance recklessly
in a summer storm
of thoughts.

The outer garments
of conscious reason
soak through,
and cling, damp
not protecting
from the elements
of raw metaphor..

I am hailed
on by the words I read,
close to the soil;
but I rise
as the clouds part,
the roots of my life
drenched, nourished

c.Darlene Moore Berg


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One response to “Discovering the Power of Poetry

  1. I love this “word picture” you wrote. Though for me when I write poetry the process feels more like a refreshing waterfall. Reading poetry that causes me to think and evaluate my life certainly does feel like being in a hailstorm.

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