A Poem of Marriage for Valentines Day

My Other Body
And the two shall become one flesh”

My other body lies next to this one
snoring lightly into the night— oblivious
sprawled back to mattress arms over head.
With my attached right elbow I nudge it ever so gently over.
It responds to my slightest touch.

My other body reflects an image 180 degree
different from the one viewed in the bathroom mirror.
Dark where this is fair, its shoulders shrug
inches higher, these fit snug under
during mid-day greeting hugs.
Hair collects differently upon the head and face,
more face than scalp, shorter, coarser, pepper and salt.

My other body senses heat with a separate thermostat—
hot when this is cold and cold when this hot,
but shares warmth willingly in the cool of a winter’s evening.
During wee hours of dark a struggle for possession
of the fleece blanket or down comforter ensues:
cold noses versus cold toes.

My other body knows each ticklish spot
and I know its, teasing and massaging each in turn.
Finding and exploring each nuance of sensation:
the secret parts where two become one
and end a day in marital jubilation.
My other body and his: two hearts, one flesh.

c.Darlene Moore Berg.

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One response to “A Poem of Marriage for Valentines Day

  1. This is a fabulous poem, Darlene – Very nice appropriate for tomorrow!

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