A Fine Feathered February Day

I have a great view of the bird feeder from both the breakfast room and my bedroom. It is fun to watch the interactions of the variety of birds. The woodpeckers mainly attack the suet cakes.

A Fine Feathered February Day

A flock of wild Canadian geese
veer west from their northward course,
the sun low on the horizon,
a lake spotted below, food, shelter in the night.

A robin stopped in our front yard,
one eye cocked to the frozen ground.
Spring to winter hopskotches day to day.
Coats zipped tight into a brisk wind,
crocuses timidly stretch green arms
above broken acorns.

Squrriels raid unguarded bounty in the back yard.
A blue jay squawks his dismay.
Grackles do not share with cardinals.

Finches congregate around a thistle feeder;
slate colored juncos and black-capped chickadees
fly in turns to snatch a bite of lunch.

A downy woodpecker supplements his diet
of hibernating insects with suet cakes and
black sunflower seeds after we baffle the greed
of our grey, furry friends, or should I say “fiends”?

c. Darlene Moore Berg


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