At Your Service

At Your Service
Matthew 20:27-28

I sat at the table enjoying each dainty served,
admired the bounty, the variety of courses,
reveled in each new flavor savored on my tongue.
When my eyes strayed beyond the hands
of the server of my wine into His eyes…

And quietly, unobtrusively, I edged my chair
back away from the luxuriously laden table,
cleared my place, reset it for another
and went out through the hall into the kitchen.

There I donned an apron, tied back my hair,
and listened to His orders and instructions,
took my turn passing the plates, the freshly
baked loaves of bread, the aromatic wines…
the fruits of salvation, mercy, grace.



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2 responses to “At Your Service

  1. I remember this one from the forum – long ago. Love it!

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