Depressed. A reflection of an overcast day.
I share a mood with the weather.
Low pressure settling in.

Listlessly, riffle through the wardrobe.
What to wear, what the use?
My hands hesitate, stop.
I eye half hidden, a shirt,
folded over a chair.

No silent, insipid butter cream.
It screams of the most vibrant,
clear day of August.

Petals sizzling, richly reflecting
the sun’s hot glory.

I dress in summer,
the color of joy, of dances in the street.
And I smile through the cool,
grey mist of an early spring morn.

c. Darlene Moore Berg



Filed under Life

2 responses to “Moods

  1. YEAH! Hot sunny summer! Youv’e painted a wonderful word picture for us. This brings up the subject of quilting in the winter. I love to sew with vibrant colors in the middle of winter. It drives away the winter blues.

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