A Wife of Lot

This poem was published about 10+ years ago in the then small Christian poetry journal “A New Song”. I am putting it up today as a companion poem to Violet’s latest post:Fire Test.

A Wife of Lot


Dry eyes: no tears form
I cry crystals

The well of living water
draws empty
in my life

The heart calcifies
and a pillar of salt
I become

Standing at the edge
of a dead sea
I drown
in the stillness
of the wind:


the increase of the
air’s humidity
dew forms in the
darkest desert night

And in a slow
misting rain
I dissolve

the white saline coating
washes away
from my
statuesque form

And I bathe
in the wonder
of God

c.Darlene Moore Berg


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One response to “A Wife of Lot

  1. I like this! Yes, it’s definitely more symbolic, and hopeful.

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