This month the prompt on Poetsonline is “birds”. This is an older poem that I had in Bell’s Letters Poet back in the nineties when I was just gettting the bug to have poems “published”. While Bell’s Letters is not a serious venue for publication, it is a warm community of hobby poets.


Pigeons are the laughter
the chuckles of the Father
They roost with equanimity
on the rafters of the glories of man
on his most prestigious monuments
and sculptures.

The pigeons perch on the heights
leave the marks of their graffiti
visible in the light of the sun
enjoy the hospitality of hidden niches
through the rain, the storms
build nests between the I-beams
of man’s lofty dreams.

c.Darlene Moore Berg



Filed under Light hearted, Nature

3 responses to “Pigeon-holed

  1. That’ clever – like it, especially “…the I-beams / of man’s lofty dreams.”

  2. Just added a photo. Remembered after posting when and where I last took a pigeon photo. This one is in Charleston, South Carolina.

  3. naomi

    i love your words. provocative, evocative!

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