Poems for Maundy Thursday

These are two other poems read on Palm Sunday in our church. Neither have been officially published but are part of the Easter poem collection I put together this year, “Hope Rises with the Son”.


Sinner that I am,
it is not to my hand at the last Supper
is given the bread dipped in wine,
a symbol of betrayal.

Though I have betrayed
in my heart and life and mind
a thousand times the Son, the Christ,
He hands me forgiveness with scarred palms:
the bread, the wine blessed,
and I am cleansed one more time.

He hands me salvation…
My name is not Judas,
(Although I may have played his part)
there is repentance
alive within my heart.

A Kiss?

We all know it
have felt dry lips
brush across a cheek—
a betrayer’s kiss
the rasp of death
the denial of love

And have turned
the other one
impatient for it to be done,
over with
only two cheeks
to one face

forced to endure
life’s bitterest of fruit
the truth of rejection
Christ, we follow you
the price, the tears
the fears of friends
who turn away…

Jesus, you’ve been there
in that garden
you’re here now
as well.
We traverse
that loneliest of roads
together, hands entwined..
cheeks aflame.

c. Darlene Moore Berg


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