The Reason

This poem was written several years ago. The forsythia is in bloom here today but my neighbors south of us had a surprise snow from Southern Missoui,Illinois, Arkansas to Kentucky tow nights ago

The Reason It Really Snowed On An April Night

Mother Nature changed her bed linens last night,
washed the flannel sheets and her quilted coverlets,
shook out her favorite eiderdown comforter…

The stitches old and weak unraveled,
and the down flew out thick and white
and blanketed the world.

The flower heads, reds and yellows
gazed up in mute surprise;
the trees sagged with a double heavy load–
fresh snow and early green leaves.

And Mother Nature laughed until she cried.
The tears fell wet and formed as ice
into faces looking up to question “Why?”

c.Darlene Moore Berg



Filed under Light hearted, Nature

3 responses to “The Reason

  1. Changed linens. What beautiful imagery!

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