Monday April 12 is the baseball home opener for the St.Louis Cardinals. Its that baseball time of year. And although it is not my favorite sport, when I do root for a team it is the Cardinals. Anyway, here is a poem with its inception based on the childhood rite-of-passage: picking the teams for the recess or pe ballgames.

Ephesians 1:4 “For he chose us…”

Milling around the ball field
hanging onto the chain-link fence
toeing the dirt
trying to assume an aura
of nonchalance
waiting, hoping beyond hope
for a name to be called,
almost turning, walking away—
“You!, I choose you.”
In amazement realize
it is I, He calls—

And Christ, the great captain,
claps His hands across my shoulders
lines me up with the rest of the team.
He tests our strengths and weaknesses,
assigns us players various positions,
coaches us in our parts.
And the game of winning
the hearts of the world is on.
It’s time for our league to play—
“batter up!”
I place my eye on the ball.
Christ’s fingers wrap around
mine on the bat.
And the Word is hit into the outfield,
up into the far bleachers.
Another soul runs home.
And I am hoarse from cheering.

Darlene Moore Berg


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One response to “Picked

  1. This is great! Especially “I am hoarse from cheering.”

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