Creation: A Theory

In honor of Earth Day, we need to honor the author of Earth and all life. This poem made its debut a decade ago in “A New Song”. A fitting poem for this day.

Creation: A Theory

The void—
the nothing before existence
intangible, shapeless, invisible

the utter cry of aloneness

and at the finger point of God
the first word, the first sound
a universe explodes into form

spun out of night
the first light dawns into sight
to the resounding handclap
of an awakened angelic host

in wonder, gaze
behold a world new made
spinning in ecstasy,
a jewel winks back to its Creator

(Now let the fun begin)
God rubs his hands in anticipation
formulates his plans
lets loose his imagination

Genesis is written
chapter one.

c.Darlene Moore Berg


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