Fairy Hats and All That

This poem’s first home was in Medicinal Purposes Literary Journal in the late 1990’s. My lilacs are blooming, the irises are just starting and the peonies all have fat pink buds.

Fairy Hats and All That

Little purple fairy hats I wore upon my fingertips,
green mounds of Hosta lined the sidewalk
gracing the front of a grey wooden porch
summers before school starts.

Lilacs grew into a living fence,
dividing front yard from back.
Room there to make a hidden bower
underneath outspread branches.
Lavender and white delights,
the heady fragrance of spring.
Gentle green shingles shaded my
pigtails from the sun.

Our mums never had a chance.
Replanted faithfully in the fall by my mother
each summer pulled up as weeds
by an older brother, a careless father.

Moving day: a “new” house, a new yard,
new floral fantasies: white lace spirea,
a bridal bouquet. Pretend a royal
wedding day for a princess and her prince.

Wild gold along the garden’s fence-rows,
black-eyed susans burst into my mind,
splashing sun into an autumn of discoveries.

Rhizomes of irises: I planted my first flowers,
a gift from a widow’s wonder-filled garden,
a delight for my growing horticultural eyes.

A new spring, I rejoiced in a row of bushy peonies.
These I loved on sight as each fat bud opened
into a shower of pink and white petals;
flowers for our table: extravagant and showy
in a chipped blue vase.

c.Darlene Moore Berg


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One response to “Fairy Hats and All That

  1. This is the one I wanted to comment on. It has an inherent musical flow!

    I am one of a growing number of Wisconsin poets who is teaching a return to structure, yes even English language rhyme and meter.

    That’s where the staying power is, I believe. The trick is to avoid the greeting card syndrome.

    That’s where fresh observation and metaphorical content come in!

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