Since these are one of the first flowers I ever planted on my own, they have a special place in my heart. When we moved from one house to another, I took starts of most all my different varieties of iris. The only problem is I didn’t remember which were which. I am enjoying the delight of finding new blossoms in varied colors daily this week.


The flags are flying:
proud, beautiful colors at full mast.
Gently swaying in a lazy vagarant breeze.

The iris’ in splendor rise,
reign between sword, sharp leaves.
Tall, statuesque, above the grass:
scents spice the air.

The regal ladies, queens of May,
dressed in ruffles, celebrate the warmth
of a late spring day.

The sign of royalty at my garden’s edge,
I give one to you, a pledge
of friendship, a hope for more to come.
Plant it in your home.

c.Darlene Moore Berg



Filed under Nature, Seasonal

2 responses to “Iris

  1. Beautiful story and photo and poem.

  2. This is one of the irises that is mentioned in the poem I posted today. I really did forget to plant my rhizomes for eight months!

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