Bird duet

That season again, baby birds once more demanding attention. The parents used the same nest from last year. Each day larger, now with feathers and anytime now…

I Higher Education

In this morning’s bird song,
I am missing the angry, demanding
“me-me-me, feed-feed-feed”
from the porch’s corner overhang—
the nest along the top of one gutter.

A cautious silence, a patience,
eyes alert await a parent’s return.
A cat’s tail circles past
the foundation of the house.
Beaks remain firmly closed.
The young learn.

II Matriculation

Yesterday a chorus of cheeps, a flurry of feathers
filled the nest to overflowing.
The camera focused its zoom lens
and captured a young frown, eyes staring
a beak pointed directly at my nose.

This evening in the calm and quiet, note
the absence of fledglings.
Somehow, when I was elsewhere,
young wings posed on the brink of flight
and with hearts in rapid syncopation
took to the element of air
the nest abandoned.

And I am left wondering how they fare,
where they’ve gone—
No one can tell me.

c.Darlene Moore Berg


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