Mother’s Day Perspectives

More than one side to Mother’s Day. I have experienced the pain of infertility, miscarriages, the joy of finally having my baby boy. The stress of the sandwich generation which this poem expresses and now the sadness of the sandwich generation graduate. I have two other poems online in the mother’s day collection at Utmost Christian Writers.


No longer her daughter
skipping by her side,
running to her with my tears,
my childhood fears
the wonders of growing up,
pride in accomplishments

I become
her mother:
hold her hand up the sidewalk,
take her to doctor and dental
drive her across town to get
her hair done.
I write her checks,
pay the bills, fix the meals,
spoon out her pills.

She looks to me for answers:
what day is it? What year?
Whose photo do I hold in my hand?
Does this blouse go
with this pair of pants?
I help her dress,
remind her to brush her teeth,
wash her hands before she eats.

This May for Mother’s Day.
I no longer have one—
A mother to run to for care,
for comfort.

I am one.

c.Darlene Moore Berg


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One response to “Mother’s Day Perspectives

  1. Dear Darlene,

    I hope you have an especially wonderful Mother’s Day this year…

    Blessings, Ellen

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