“All His Works Shall Praise Him”

All His Works shall Praise Him

He works in every medium, beyond sight and sound,
at every level galactic to microscopic.
Stars He paints with the sweep of His arms.
He juggles matter and energy into moons and planets.
His favorite atoms and molecules develop
a life of their own flung from His fingertips…
beads of spinning DNA transcribe into living,
renewing organisms.
Birds chirp and squawk before Him.
Fish dance in His aqua-scape.
Mice, pigs, dogs, cats sing to Him
with squeaks, squeals, barks, meows.
A consciousness of praise forms below the heavens.
An artist, a perfectionist
He joys in the act of creation.
His hands sculpt the clay of man,
imprints His image with a thumb
and after His breath exhales,
He rocks back on His heels, whispers to himself “well done”,
listens expectantly for praise to come
from newly birthed siblings of His Son.

c.Darlene Moore Berg


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