“God is a Safe Place to Hide”

“God is a Safe Place to Hide”
Psalm 46:1 The Message

I know He will be there when I seek Him.
I can climb up into the oak tree, hug its branches,
the rustling leaves do not screen out His call.
He meets me on the highest limb.

A game, under the blooming lilacs
He scents me out with an inhalation of love.
He hides in plain sight, the squirrels
play tag under His feet.

I pretend I do not see Him.
Part the daisies, pick up a rock,
chase a juvenile robin round the juniper
— There He is.

He picks up my heart, tenderly feels its pulse
— like the folding, unfolding of a butterfly’s wings,
cups His hands around it, keeps it close to His.
I am safe centered in Him, hidden in His palm.

c.Darlene Moore Berg


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One response to ““God is a Safe Place to Hide”

  1. That last stanza is beautiful and so tender.

    It’s good to hear your poetic voice again!

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