True Friends, Forever Friends

I’ve been thinking about friendships and the need to connect to others outside the home and a few special “forever friends” and how to encourage the development of that kind of friendship. This poem has been previously published in a Time of Singing.

True Friends, Forever Friends

Friends are…
As the last note fades on the radio,
I play the song once more in my mind,
….friends forever.”

A phone call last Friday,
a voice long absent converses
from half a continent away.
The grocery store yesterday:
a woman I had not seen in two years.
Under the sun’s glare on an asphalt parking lot,
we laugh fondly over the wonder of
children growing up, out on their own,
the changes in our careers—once tied
quite closely together.
An unexpected letter received in today’s mail,
postmarked from central Africa,
a missionary family,
she, a bridesmaid in my wedding.

Love: philia, friendship.
A desire to reciprocate.
I cradle the phone’s receiver;
dial a number long remembered.

c.Darlene Moore Berg



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2 responses to “True Friends, Forever Friends

  1. What a lovely poem, Darlene. I had a phone call from one of my forever friends on my birthday recently. What a treat! Wish I could meet you in the parking lot of a grocery store.

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