To My Son on Moving to his First Apartment

The Uhaul is parked in the driveway and tomorrow is the day we help him move

To my son on Moving into his first apartment:

Pack your toothbrush last. Put it on top in the final box.
Label everything.
Towels, sheets, blankets are called linens.
Make a list of necessities:
silverware, cups, bowls, plates.
A trash receptacle.

Light-bulbs, consider investing
in compact flourescents.
A vacuum cleaner is an essential.
So, my son, is a mop and bucket.
Bathroom cleansers, toilet bowl brushes
and shudder: a plunger!

You do not really need seven computers,
three television sets, more than one phone.
And three hundred video games more or less.
Hang clothes in the closet or fold up in drawers.
A laundry hamper keeps the floor neat.
Turn out the lights when not in use.
Electricity is not included in your rent.

And if you need to vent,
a listening ear, someone near to your heart.
Never fear, your mom’s still here.

c.Darlene Moore Berg



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2 responses to “To My Son on Moving to his First Apartment

  1. naomi

    actually very tender.

  2. I love this poignant poem, and can identify!

    I always remember what Erma Bombeck wrote on that subject. She said she found a 1/2 eaten, fossilized ice cream sundae in her son’s room.


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