A Galilean Storm

A stormy season. We just had a sudden storm blow in from nowhere and as quickly leave. Reports of bad weather from the upper midwest.

A Galilean Storm

I. Asleep, My Lord?

Fear rocks the boat in waves of disbelief,
faith crashes into splinters….and the Lord sleeps.

Bailing doubts that wash unbidden into the keel,
we try in vain to tie down vagrant, flapping sails;
our tattered hopes whip free in the ensuing gale.

Fear rocks the boat…and the Lord sleeps.

Straining at the oars against a head wind,
we search for the safety of solid ground.
The boat floods in despair’s crescendo waves.

Our Lord sleeps, curled up, eyes closed, innocent…
And the vessel begins to sink.

In the wreckage of our faith….He sleeps,
and when in deepest anguish we shout out to Him:
does He hear us above the roar of the storm?


The night shatters into sudden, quiet calm.
Christ stands in the very center of our lives—
The impression of a rope distinctly coiled
across his left cheek. Not asleep.

He knots our fears into absolute silence
and awe….our faces still wet with sea spray.
We may not know who commands whom,
but we know who is Lord—
the captain of this storm.
We know the power of His single word.

c.Darlene Moore Berg



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3 responses to “A Galilean Storm

  1. This is a lovely poem, Darlene – is it new?

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