Not in so Many Words

Not In so Many Words
in response to “Jesus Told Me I’m Just Fine” by Charles P. Ries

Actually, Jesus came over and parked Himself beside me
huddled alone in the corner of the rear pew.
Hiding from the pastors point of view
He circled one arm up behind my back and caught my halo,
askew in a frizzled, frazzled hairdo.
Gently, he dusted it off with his pristine white sleeve,
polished it with a bit of holy spit,
buffed it to a shine and then and there placed it square,
back in line on my head
and gave me a look I didn’t quite want to meet.

My fidgety fingers traced his relaxed palm, open,
resting on the worn wood of the seat
And with a sigh, I raised my downcast eyes.
Yes, of course, it is You I need.

Doing this Christian thing on my own, well,
anyone can see where that leads—
my feet and mind wander.
I feel overwhelmed, afraid
of who may think this, say that about “me”.
When its You, Christ, front and center
I should reflect, your grace, your love,
your mercy that turns the world,
flips it upside down and gives us all
a crowning glory, kicking our heels
together in the courts of heaven

C. Darlene Moore Berg


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