Peachy Keen

It’s that time of year. Fruit ripening on the trees, picked to please the palate. Need to make a pilgrimage to the orchards and taste the freshest, best peaches found. My favorite place to buy peaches is in the Cobden, IL area where my greataunt Clara Bell once owned a peach orchard.
Peachy Keen

Peaches in the morning,
peaches over waffles,
peach preserves slathered on French toast
peach and pecan bread pudding
peaches n cream coffee cake
peach strudel and café

Peaches in the noontime
peach barbequed pork sandwiches
peach cobbler with ice cream
peach pie
ginger peach iced tea

Peaches in the evening
peach praline cheesecake
peach margueritas
peach Melba
peach upside down cake
and if its not too late
a peach-blueberry shake

And just before bed
one perfect peach plain

and oh the gastronomic pain
mixed with epicurean pleasure
of a bushel’s full measure
of the juiciest ripe peaches
eight pecks of thin-skinned fuzzy indulgence
dribbling down our doubling chins.

c. Darlene Moore Berg



Filed under Light hearted, Nature, Seasonal

2 responses to “Peachy Keen

  1. naomi

    clever!! 🙂

  2. Diana

    I feel quite “peachy” now:)

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