Let Them Come

This time of year the focus is on children, going back to school, teachers. This poem seems to go with that. Children, our gifts from God, our responsibilities to nurture and cherish, for such are of the Kingdom of God.

“Let Them Come”

It was a day bursting with birdsong;
the light fresh and gentle on the eyes,
the fields wild with flowers.
A good day for life,
for visiting villages.
A day begging to express its love.

And with the joy of a father,
I catch up a child into my open arms;
sit down to hold another as an older one
crawls up my back and encircles me
with his small arms.

I see mothers holding infants
shyly come forward toward me.
I smile encouragement.
I long to bless each one.

I flash a stern look at interference.
This is my moment, for me, my enjoyment—
these are the little ones I love.
“Let the children come to ME,”
put no hindrance in their path.

It is my joy to lift them up into my arms,
to kiss their accepting faces,
to tousle their tangled hair,
to see their eyes of faith and trust.
This is enough.
This joy
to greet the road ahead.

c. Darlene Moore Berg


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