There remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God.” Hebrews 4:9

After the hoopla of resurrection,
the victory of Armageddon,
After rising with Christ, the lamb of sacrifice,
tooting horns in His great glory train to Heaven,
death captive and chained beneath His feet.
After the banquet feast
with the greatest and least of Heaven’s host.
After the singing, exclaiming, dancing,
prancing with the Holy Ghost…

enter the Rest—
let it sink in to the core of heart and soul,
the Battle’s won.
No more striving, no more wrangling
with this or that demon or temptation.
No more tears to come.
No more running ragged the marathon,
breathless with no end in sight—

Ah, soak in the wonder, the Light,
the bliss of an eternal Home,
the aroma of heaven fills the nostrils,
slip into the Living Waters—
buoyed, refreshed, the joy of rest.

c.Darlene Moore Berg



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2 responses to “After

  1. Lori Younker

    Oh so marvelous to think about! I remember having these same thoughts even as a child in a more elementary childish way…but still, I thought I thought about rest and swimming in heaven and basking in his love up close.

  2. Lori Younker

    Wow, Darlene. When did you write this one? I don’t remember it. I started to read it, thinking I didn’t know if it touched me as much as some (even though I love to work with children myself!) and then the profound thought that you brought to us at the end. To think that it was maybe one one moment of pleasure and delight recorded for us in Christ years of ministry before he had to go through the days of rejection, sorrow and crucifixion. It brought me to immediate tears.

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