Amish Son

I love art fairs. I am hoping to attend at least one this weekend. This poem was inspired by a framed photograph by Bill Coleman that I bought sometime in the 90’s. His photos reflect the Amish life.

Portrait: Amish Son

He stares at me with sun-washed
denim blue eyes,
dreams, wistful
hide there.
The essence of soul captures me
in a photographic moment.
I do not know his name,
shy, quiet
he does not say a word to me.

His future is written in his clothes.
He follows his father,
his father’s father,
his father’s father’s father’s

He leans against the protection
of a wooden wagon wheel,
his hands rest lightly on
this symbol of continuity
of ways, of faith:
an identity separate and apart.

c.Darlene Moore Berg



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2 responses to “Amish Son

  1. Your poem is surely a photo too. Hope you are able to enjoy another art fair soon…

    Bill Coleman is a new artist for me.

  2. Lori Younker

    I believe the Amish way of life is intriguing many and is respected as your poem describes. We were looking for land recently and the property was next to an Amish family in Amish country. A little girl was in the driveway and she waved to us. I couldn’t help but think what a different and protected way of life she was living. Unaware of most of the world.

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