9-11 The Day it Rained Planes

An anniversary, nine years old. I wrote these words shortly after the event. No one was untouched by that day.

The Day it Rained Planes: 9/11

I can gather all the news I need on the weather report”
from The Only Living Boy in New York—Paul Simon

I am disinclined to turn on the television in the mornings
ever since that Tuesday I turned it on to check
the morning’s weather report before getting dressed for work
and watched the sky rain a plane into the second tower
of the New York World Trade Center.

Unable to turn away, I watched mesmerized by dis-belief.
And cried when the first tower fell, knowing all the rescuers
lined up to aid and take the victims away
became victims themselves—the firemen, the paramedics,
the policemen, the ambulance drivers.
All who answered the cry for help. All those with no escape.
The second tower collapsed in a cloud of smoke and debris
shaking the foundation of American invulnerability.

The call from Washington, a reporter at the Pentagon—
the rumor of more missing flights
it was a relief to desert the house for work by twelve.
Even there the news was on: radio, television, internet.
And the grief kept pouring in….

Is it a wonder I do not have the temerity
to turn on the television some mornings.
Hesitant to become an un-witting eyewitness
to another major disaster….perhaps I should subscribe
to a major news weekly.
The written word creates distance, time to soak in news,
read all the various interpretations
perhaps understand the stirrings of no longer current events.

c.Darlene Moore Berg


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