On My Own

On My Own

From the position of one prone on the floor,
nose to one side, goose-egg on forehead—
I can perceive the implausibility of ever doing
this Christian thing on my own initiative,
this trying to be perfect and good,
love my neighbor as myself,
love God with all my mind, heart, spirit.
I should have known—it couldn’t be done.

I kept forgetting to ask for help in prayer,
not paying attention to Holy spirit guidance,
being blithely unaware of brothers and sisters
surrounding me….ready to flee to my aid.

NO, I have to wait until I’m flat on my face,
laced black and blue from where I’ve tripped
over my own sense of independent pride.
A bruised hip bone rises,
I make it up to my skinned knees—
God, He answers my pleas with
an outstretched Hand.
I make a limping stand with His support.

c.Sept04 Darlene Moore Berg



Filed under Life, Religious

2 responses to “On My Own

  1. naomi

    thank you!!
    love “prone on the floor”

  2. Cool website, I had not come across darlenemb.wordpress.com previously during my searches!
    Keep up the superb work!

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