This poem came to mind as a companion to todays (Sept 26th) Other Food devotional. If you haven’t visited Violet Nesdoly’s daily deveotional site, I encourage you to do so. The link is available on the sidebar here. I have been impressed with the daily dose of scripture, wisdom and links to further sources that she has provided all year long.


You never know when
the call may come
“Johnnie, Jane, Michael, Lynn—
It’s time to hie on home”

You may have an intimation,
a subtle warning
or it may be a sudden
unexpected, “Now!”

and there you are
all the things clutched
in your hands dropped, scattered
as you run to Him—
everything, everyone else forgotten

and when He greets you at the gate
What then?
will He say “well done”
give you a hug, a kiss, a welcome in?
or say “I don’t know this one”
and turn away…

c.April05 Darlene Moore Berg


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One response to “When

  1. Oh my, this is wonderful! Thanks for the mention, but most for this absolutely spot-on reaction to being called home – which gives me a thrill — and a shiver.

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