Equinox musings

Equinox Musings

The moon all night plays hopscotch
through my window panes
disappears before the end of the game
off to play with someone else
taking her moonbeams with her.

The lazy sun is sleeping in half past
when dawn should have come and gone.
He yawns, rolls over, presents a cold shoulder
mumbling something ‘bout being “autumn”.

Unfair this early to bed, late to rise business.
Heft an alarm clock in my left hand
uncertain where to throw it.

Work starts before nine,
my time and schedule unchanged
no matter the season.

Is it selfish of me to want to do more
than play tag with a setting/ rising sun.
on the drive to/ from home fall to spring?

Moon, sun, stars, planet earth
shift themselves on a seeming whim
And time himself will not stand still
no matter how hard I try to constrain him.

And Lord, even you I want to hold
in one set place long enough to comprehend
this variable universe
created with a sleight of Your hand.

c.Darlene Moore Berg


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