Sometimes you never realize where the “gloomies” come from, the funks…

The joy-snatcher comes
sneaking up from behind some
unseen bend, a moment when
caught unaware
fingers pick-pocket
every little crumb there
of happiness, gladness, gaiety

He steals whatever his grubby
hands can latch hold of—
he’ll peel off a smile
from beyond a mile
and stash it in the dark lining
of his cloak.
He’ll take your “good morning’s”
and “have a nice day”s away
without a second thought

But what he really covets,
what he really salivates after,
more than a taste of laughter,
is the choice morsel God imparts—
and if its worn exposed, unguarded,
not safe within the deep confines of a heart
he’ll pry it free and run with glee.

c.Darlene Moore Berg


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Filed under Light hearted, Religious

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