The Grace of God for the Persecuted Church

Every November one Sunday is set aside for prayer for those Christians around the globe who are persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ. This is for them.

The Grace of God
For the Persecuted Church

Grace finds a way between prison bars,
guided by the whispered prayers,
tiptoes past the wardens, the chains, the guards,
picks the lock that tries to bind up Truth.

Grace comes in the darkest, stillest,
loneliest hours,
clears out the vermin doubt, despair, fear…
Blankets the concrete cold with the warmth of His Love.

Grace sings the psalms of heaven,
a lullaby, into a broken heart and body,
binds the wounds of a bruised, beaten spirit
with the aid of the Comforter.

Grace anoints with joy
each belabored sorrow,
preserves each shed tear—
a gift for the highest throne.

Grace carries home at God’s appointed time
the lightest burden:
another beloved child of the King—
a martyr, a faithful Word witness in the world.

c. Darlene Moore Berg


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One response to “The Grace of God for the Persecuted Church

  1. Lori Younker

    I will use this poem to stimulate me for prayer for the persecuted church. Though I want to be faithful all year round, I find myself giving them my focus in November.

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