Setting Up the Creche

Setting up the Creche

I think I have it all backwards.
The shepherds are coming in from the East
and the Wise men from the west.
The stable opens up to the south
and is protected from the North winds.

An angel stands at the head of the infant
cradled in the manger,
smiles benignly on the rapt faces
of the new mother and father.
Sheep crowd in to view the babe.

A battered camel and donkey
vie for a place with the ox.
The box on the floor is empty.
The manger scene again set up,
a visual memory of the Christmas story.

I don’t worry that the details
may not be true to life.
Each piece is an earmark to tell a tale.
The star of wonder cast on the night sky
for the magi.
The angel calling the shepherds
to the site of Christ’s birth.

I am called, calling others to come and be
a part of the story.
See the child, born to be the King!
Humble, in a manger,
do not be a stranger, come in.
Worship him.
Let us kneel together before his throne.

c.December 2010 Darlene Moore Berg


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  1. Reblogged this on Darlene's Poetical Pursuits and commented:

    just set up the nativity again for this Christmas season

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