The Village Midwife

Our Christmas eve service is cancelled due to very Christmas-like weather tonight. Here is another poem celebrating the birth of Jesus. Merry Christmas everyone!

The Village Midwife

I never did see any angels.
I never saw a special star
or one of the Kings from the East.

It was a cold, crowded night
in Bethlehem.
The inn-keepers daughter
came running to my door.
A young woman and her husband
were staying in their stable.
Her baby was a-coming and
would I come now!
I grabbed my things, strips of cloth,
pitcher of water, a blanket.
Called back to my husband where I’d be.

The man and his wife were
in a corner of the stable,
fresh straw had been pitched
on the dirt floor.
I emptied out a manger,
placed some fresh straw there
and a little blanket for the babe.
She was young, her first.
I eased her down,
checked her swollen abdomen,
felt the tightness of contraction,
checked the progress.
It was about time.

I sat with her,
crooned her some lullabies.
It wasn’t a bad birth;
encouraged her to take a breath,
hold it, push…
the baby’s here.
Dried him off, tied his cord,
wrapped him against the cold
put him up to his mother’s breast.
Her smile tore right
through my heart.
That was the music
I heard and felt that night
The baby was a cute, sweet thing.
I hadn’t noticed anything else
out of the ordinary.

Surprised on my way home
to see the shepherds in from the fields
some with sheep following them.
Talk of angels singing,
an infant King…
I turned and saw
them crowd into the stable.
What child can this be?
I wondered with the rest.

c. Darlene Moore Berg


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One response to “The Village Midwife

  1. I love this, Darlene – and how your medical expertise comes through. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a Happy New Year!

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