Water Marks

Water Marks

Invisible at first glance
the influences that shape,
inspire, define a life

the nurture or not of family
parents, grandparents,
sibling rivalries
the camaraderie of friends—
their loyalities, disloyalities
a knowledge that some one cares
some one else shares who you are

the encouragement of teachers
the brush strokes they place on young lives
—to hope, to dream
the inadevertent critical words
that crush, bruise a child’s spirit

the splashes of experience
joys and sorrows
the tears sprinkled in the nights
the indelible ink of the presence of God
written into the very heart and mind
the blotting power of prayeres
the soaking absolution of Christ’s blood.

A human soul translucent in divine Light.

c. Darlene Moore Berg


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