What if Nicodemus ,as a younger man
with hair and beard a stalwart brown,
no streaks of gray,
encountered a boy in the Temple one day
after the conclusion of one of many festival seasons,
a boy deeply engrossed in converse
with the Rabbis there….
A young almost adolescent Galilean
who asked questions
that pierced the heart and soul,
that brought into focus: God.

What if Nicodemus rocked back on his heels,
awed and amazed ,
marveled with the other Teachers
and religious scholars,
at the wisdom and intelligence
of an untried youth…
One who reflected a vision
and structure unknown of eternal Truth.

And as the years fled past at last
came face to face
with the element of grace, Christ Jesus,
God Incarnate
and recognized that boy in the Man,
found the spiritual strength to grasp
and understand His words, His call,
“you must be born again.”

c.Darlene Moore Berg



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2 responses to “Encounters

  1. Okay! This is one of your best. Hmm, good. Really Nicodemus could be that man!

  2. The Roman official so impressed with the way Jesus presented himself at the end repeated Marks core message in the last page of Marks Gospel.Mark who was with Peter and Paul in Rome put together his version from previous accounts adding many details probably gleaned from Peter himself. Details always hint at something deeper – the mystery of Gods dealings with humanity.By referring to the week or so it took to select the first few disciples maybe John was comparing this process with the Genesis week of creation. It will become easier and lighter when carried in company with others of like-minded persuasion.Local churches are meant to be companies of spiritual associates even brothers and sisters all celebrating the final episode in Gods wonderful story of salvation but right here right now.

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