The Making of a Man

There are elements about “evolution” that I understand ie that we are in the process of change, however, I am very much on the Creation side of things as regards the beginnings and continuation of that elusive quality we call Life.

The Making of a Man

Mud scraped up out of the riverbank
mottled clay, streaks of brown, rust, tan
Squish this mess through your
beefy hands: roll, press, knead
pull out oddments, twigs, grass
and at last
with care
sculpt out a heart
fill a hollow shell
pinch closed the seams.
With the tip of an index finger
scoop a chunk of clay
from a proposed mouth
and with a sigh

And if need be
pick it up by the heels
this created form
thump the back
tickle the ribs, slap the soles
of modeled feet
until he squeals.

c.Darlene Moore Berg


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