The Hem of His Robe

The Hem of His Robe

Zechariah 8:23 “At that time many men from all nations and languages will take hold of one Jew. They will grab hold of the hem of his robe and they will say “We want to go to Jerusalem to be with you. We’ve heard that God is with you.””

The hem of a garment sways with the kick of the feet.
To touch it one has to bend over,
get on one’s knees, crawl
into a posture of supplication,
tug for attention
and as the Man turns around
humbly shout out, above the din,
anguished pleas.

Or be silent,
squirm your way through the
shifting bodies
and reach down
kiss the hem with reverence
whisper in your heart
and quickly depart
knowing your secret request
is heard, answered
by your faith in this Lord.

c.Darlene Moore Berg


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