Warm Front on a February Day

February 16th Engler Park
Warm Front in February

Strip off the coat, gloves, scarf.
Rummage for an old pair of shoes
comfortable, broken in past being afraid
of a little mud, water, slush.

Choose a walking stick
sturdy, nonslip cap on its tip.
The outside thermometer keeps climbing
now its sixty-six, the sun is out. Hight past seventy?

A week ago same time, freezing rain
temperature of sixteen, wind chill zero
and white mounded everywhere.
Sidewalks a sheet of ice.

Time for a hop, a skip and a walk in the snowmelt:
a search for spring in the crevices of winter rubbish.
It has to be here somewhere close.

c.February 2011 Darlene Moore Berg



Filed under Life, Nature, Seasonal

3 responses to “Warm Front on a February Day

  1. Lovely! I feel your enthusiasm – if only I felt the same warmth in the air. (Our forecast is for snow overnight.)

  2. this is that up and down time of year. we’re enjoying it while it lasts. 🙂

  3. We’ve had a couple of these, too. But for us, “warm” is 34 degrees—at least for a few more weeks.

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