IF not Now, When?

If not Now, When?

Never a perfect day or time to begin,
crack the cover of the Book.
In the modern scheme of things
Maybe you’re scared to take a look.
All those words, thee’s and thou’s
but not now.
There’s a kazillion translations
ways of writing to help one understand.
Son of God, son of Man, God’s plans.
A story of God and the Jews and you.

Start anywhere Genesis to Revelation.
History buffs may like Judges, Ruth or Kings.
Poets drift to the Psalms
Romantics trip along to the Song of Songs.
Mystics page through the Prophets.
Philosophers nod acquaintance with proverbs.

But what is prophecy without the King of Kings.
Proverbs only a collection of wise sayings
you come to search for Him, Jesus.
Best to start with Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.
They’ll turn you on to the Son of God.
And if you want to know anything
about following this Christian life
get acquainted with the letters of Paul and the apostles.
It’s all down in black and white.

c.Darlene Moore Berg


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